Hair Loss: What to Expect at Your First Consultation

3 June, 2024


Are you suffering from hair loss? If yes, then this article is for you. It will guide you and your loved ones on what you can expect in your first consultation with your hair expert or doctor.

Hair loss occurs due to various reasons, be it hereditary, any medical trauma, or stress. It is important to identify the real cause of any underlying issue of hair loss. To identify the issue it is advisable to book your first consultation with a hair expert surgeon to explore the potential treatment options and to identify the best treatment and permanent lifetime solution. We will cover all the points that you should keep in mind while going for your first consultation so that you can prepare for the first appointment.

Scalp Examination to Assess Hair Loss:

Scalp examination is the first and crucial step to decide the complete level of your hair loss and can also give the relevant information regarding the kind of technique that will work best for you.

It also helps doctor to plan how many hair grafts will be required for the most natural-looking end result. The hair graft will also depend on how efficient is the patient’s donor area and whether hair loss has occurred in one portion or several areas. (E.g. front of the head, top of the head or the crown).

In some cases, topical medicines, and PRP treatment can also be helpful without undergoing surgery.

Detailed Review of Medical History:

This is the second step in identifying whether the hair transplant procedure will work for you or not. It is crucial to give us a whole picture of your medical health and hair care routine so that we can find out any potential causes of hair loss. After this, the doctor will also perform a physical examination of your hair and scalp. This will help us to identify the type of hair loss you are experiencing and frame a customized treatment plan. Some common tests include pull tests, light microscopy, blood tests, and scalp biopsies. Apart from these we also test for your hormone levels, genetic conditions, and underlying medical issues.

Sometimes, your doctor needs more information. For example, a woman may have had a baby a few months ago, and this may be causing obvious hair loss and in such cases minor treatment or topical medicines can easily give you big relief.

Discussion for Treatment Options:

On the basis of your test results and medical findings, your doctor will discuss potential treatment. It includes some kind of topical or oral medications, lifestyle changes, dietary supplement variations, or treatments such as hair restoration or platelet-rich plasma (PRP). They will also guide you on the risks and benefits associated with these treatment options and guide you to make an informed decision based on your circumstances and preferences.

Not All Hair treatment works for everyone:

Once your hair expert finds the reason, your doctor will tell you whether treatment is recommended or not. Sometimes, your hair will regrow on its own with very minor changes, making treatment unnecessary. Like Minoxidil can help with early hair loss. However, it cannot regrow an entire head of hair. To use minoxidil, you apply it to the scalp as directed, usually once or twice a day. However, it is important to identify whether your hair may start to grow again on its own or not. It is important to start any medication for hair loss with proper guidance and consultation.

Post Treatment Guidance:

Depending on the chosen treatment plan by an individual, your doctor will guide you for the follow-up plan, schedule appointments to observe your hair progress, adjust your treatment regimen as needed, and address any issues or questions you may have. It is also important to keep in mind that any treatment plan will take time to give you results and the best possible outcome. It is crucial to discuss all the doubts and issues you have related to your customized plan.

Costing of the Treatment:

After discussing all the medical history, hair assessment and the most suitable treatment plan for you, it’s time to discuss the cost of the treatment offered to you. Costing of the treatment depends on the condition of your hair loss. If you choose hair transplantation it will depend on the number of grafts needed. The cost for a single graft can range between approx. Rs 25 to Rs 150. Costing of the treatment also depends on the surgeon’s experience and reputation.


As soon as you notice your hair is thinning, it's important that you take the steps to prevent it. If you would like to repair the hair damage and want to prevent any future loss it is better to book a hair loss treatment consultation with a trichologist or surgeon and resolve the hair loss issue as early as possible. Overall, your first consultation with a healthcare provider specializing in hair loss is an opportunity to collect information, receive personalized recommendations, and take the first step towards addressing your hair loss concerns effectively.