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We have saved 10,000+ Aussies from hair loss with the right solution. Our celebrity
doctor, Dr Ajay Dubey, has performed 2,500+ surgeries across Indian and international patients and is regarded as one of the
best hair transplant surgeons in Delhi.



Scalp Micropigmentation

As the name infers, Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP or MPG is a non-surgical procedure applying natural and medical-grade pigments to the scalp to create the look of a stubble on your bare skin.

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Hair Loss Therapies

If you landed here, chances are you have discovered some bald spots, general thinning or even diffused thinning in your scalp and perhaps even experimented with a range of hair care options

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Prescriptive Hair Care

Booking a consultation at the first signs of hair loss with an experienced hair loss doctor can make a significant difference in preventing further hair loss.

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Hair Restoration Backed with 20+ years of Research

Evolved Hair Transplant Clinics at Gurgaon, Delhi and Lucknow have perfected the art of hair transplants with 2 decades of research and innovation, which is captured in its evolutionary protocols and its proprietary Direct Follicle Insertion technique.

We are adept in all types of hair transplant including hair and facial hair transplants for both men and women, as well as repair and density corrections for previous FUT, FUE surgeries.

  • research-icon-2 Most advanced hair transplant technique Know More
  • research-icon-2 Medical team has 50+ years of experience in hair loss and aesthetic industry.
  • research-icon-2 Our Medical Director, , has 2500+ surgeries to his credit.
  • research-icon-2 100% natural, guaranteed permanent results.
  • research-icon-2 Painless, scar-free and fastest post-recovery.

Meet the Evolved India Medical Director

Evolved Hair Clinics Gurgaon, Delhi and Lucknow is delighted to join hands with one of the world’s most prolific hair transplant surgeons, Dr Ajay Dubey, who has dedicated his entire medical career of around 16 years to the field of hair transplants. Dr Dubey is the first surgeon in India to be certified by the London Hair Restoration Academy for consecutive 11 years and the only Asian doctor to be invited twice to deliver his research at the prestigious Aesthetic Medicine World Congress.

Dr. Dubey has completed over 2,500 hair transplants, many of which are top actors, sportsmen, politicians, beaureucrats, and industrialists. He is also an educator and has trained 30 doctors to become hair transplant surgeons from all over the world    Dr Ajay Dubey completed M.D. in Dermatology and Venerology from IMS-BHU (currently ranked 5th in India), had a brief period of residency of AIIMS (currently ranked 1st in India) and completed M.B.B.S. from KGMC (currently ranked 4th in India).

Global Medical Director and Master Hair Transplant Surgeon

Global Medical Director and Master Hair Transplant Surgeon

Global Medical Director and Master Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr Dubey’s Appreciation Certificate from AMWC, Latin America

Dr Dubey’s views on Hair Transplant on NDTV Evolved hair india

Dr Dubey’s views on Hair Transplant on NDTV

Dr Dubey’s lecture at AMWC, Latin America Evolved hair india

Dr Dubey’s lecture at AMWC, Latin America

Life-changing results

From Bald to Bold, at Evolved Hair Restoration Clinics in Gurgaon, Delhi, and Lucknow, we transform the lives of people who suffer from baldness. Here’s how some folks embrace a new chapter of confidence and self-esteem.

Book a Hair Consultation at Gurgaon, Delhi, and Lucknow, and transform your look.

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Do Hair Loss Vitamins work in reality?

Hair Loss Vitamins. You wake up in the morning and found some extra hair on your pillow. You notice your receding hairline, and you notice the bald area emerging on the crown area of your head.

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What can you expect in a Hair Transplant Consultation?

  • tick Comprehensive Hair and Scalp analysis using the latest technology
  • tick Discover the root cause of hair loss from an Internationally trained Trichologist
  • tick Detailed medical health assessment
  • tick Learn how to immediately stop further hair loss
  • tick Know the right Eye bro test restoration treatment to restore lost hair

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View all Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Still in doubt? Do not hesitate to call us! We will be happy to help you out.

Does lack of sleep cause hair loss?

Insufficient sleep and stress may not directly cause hair loss, but they can contribute to conditions leading to it and hair thinning.

Does hair transplant surgery work?

Yes, hair transplant surgery is the best way to restore permanent hair naturally. However, it is always recommended that you consult with a qualified surgeon.

Is hair transplant surgery painful?

At evolved hair restoration clinic, we promise a painless hair transplantation procedure performed under local anesthesia.

Who performs a hair transplant?

At Evolved Hair Clinic, every hair transplant surgery is performed by an expert surgeon only.

What should you avoid during a hair transplant?

During a hair transplant, it is important to follow the doctor's advice and instructions to optimize the surgery's success and minimize the risk.

Can a hair transplant be done without anesthesia?

No, without local anesthesia, a hair transplant procedure is not possible.

What is the recovery time for a Direct Follicle Insertion hair transplant?

The initial recovery period for a Direct Follicle Insertion hair transplant generally involves a few days of mild pain, discomfort, swelling, and redness. Most of the patients can resume work within 4 to 5 days.

When will transplanted hair start to grow?

You can see the new growing hair within 2-3 months of hair transplant. However, it is important to remember that growth timelines can vary among individuals.

How long after the hair transplant do you see the final results?

The final result usually appears 10 to 12 months after the hair transplant.