>Hairstyles that damage hair in men

01 Apr, 2022

Hairstyles that damage hair in men. Dealing with thinning hair or a receding hairline can be super annoying. If you are in this situation, certain hairstyles just wouldn’t look quite as good as they used to when you had dense hair. Here we outline different hairstyles that could damage your hair and therefore are best to be discontinued.

Does A Ponytail damage Hair and cause Hair Loss?

Ponytails are not as harmless as you think, as they continuously pull on your scalp even if they’re not too tight. If you have long hair and must pull it up, do it as few times as you can and opt for loose grips instead. The best thing to do is to leave it down though!

Yes, The Mohawk Hairstyle Damages Hair

This hair-do is a double-edged sword. The excess of products used to maintain the spike might have caused damage to your hair and the fact that the 80’s mohawks meant pulling the hair up constantly, the style kept tugging on your scalp too. This can, of course, cause hair fall.

I Use Oil-Based Pomades and wear a Quiff Hairstyle. Is it time to break out my clippers?

Many products can damage your hair, and this includes oil-based pomades, as their base is grease or petroleum and practically insoluble in water. This means that, in order to wash out the pomade from their hair, 50’s men would strip all the natural oils of their hair doing so. Beware of any products you use on your hair, especially if they’re oil-based!

Another Hairstyle That Damages Men’s Hair – The Long Straight Hair (using Heat)

Heat is your hair’s enemy, as it can singe your hair, cause it to dry out and become frizzy, give it a dull appearance, create split ends and cause it to break often. No matter how popular this trend was (or is), the best thing is to avoid heat anywhere near your hair!

Can I continue with the Jheri Curl Hairstyle as its damaging my hair?

With the aid of a relaxer, men would loosen up their curl and add a glossier look to them, as if they’d just wash their hair. This consisted of two applications: the softener or ‘rearranging cream’ that loosened hair and a solution that set the curls in a sort of perm. The issue with the relaxer, of course, was its heavy chemical composition, which ended up damaging the hair. So, if you are doing this and losing hair, please stop.

I Have Cornrows, But my Hair Is Starting To Fall Out. Should I Change My Hairstyle?

The process of creating cornrows is painful, as it pulls tightly on the scalp. This particular type of hairstyle is heavily linked to “Traction Alopecia”, which is the phenomenon of gradual hair loss by a pulling force being applied to it.

Worried How To Restore Your Hair ?

The good news is that we can help you to deal with hair that has been damaged by past hairstyle trends, so you don’t have to despair! Simply get in touch with our professional team at Evolved Clinics in Perth Australia.

If you are suffering from hair loss due to hairstyling issues, stop using these hairstyles. And for an immediate solution to your thinning hair, contact Evolved Clinics today.