Restore confidence With
a Painless Female Hair Transplant

With a Painless Female Hair Transplant

More than 50% of women will be affected by hair loss throughout their lives, with female pattern baldness (FPB) being the most common cause of female alopecia.

Patterned hair loss in women is characterised by diffuse hair thinning and often becomes an ongoing cause of psycho-social distress. The incidence steadily increases with age in all ethnicities. Genetics is the number one factor leading to female pattern baldness. It’s also possible that hormones contribute to the condition. A Female Hair Transplant involves taking healthy hair follicles from a part of the scalp (usually the back of the head) where hair is genetically programmed to keep growing for life and transplanting them to the balding areas affected by hair loss. These newly implanted hairs will last a lifetime.

Real People, Real Transformations

Experience genuine transformations in female hair restoration for real individuals, achieving the best results and restoring confidence through our personalized approach.
Our celebrity doctor, Dr Ajay Dubey, has performed 2,500+ hair transplant surgeries across India and for international patients and is one of the Best female hair transplant surgeons in Gurgaon and Delhi.


What makes us different from other female hair transplant clinics?

No scars, No pain

We provide a painless, scarless experience by using cutting-edge technology.

Single Day Procedure

Most patients can resume a regular routine within 2 to 5 days after the hair restoration.

No Downtime
The most advanced Technique of Australia, Now in India

We have the most evolved hair transplantation technique, the Direct Follicle Insertion Technique, which guarantees 100% natural results.

Hair transplant surgery
Surgery performed by a hair transplant doctor

The hair transplant surgery for females will be performed end-to-end by a surgeon doctor only, not by assistants/technicians.

Industry Leading Graft Survivability

90%+ graft survival rate versus 50% in FUT

More Density In A Single Session

We promise 100% natural-looking hair, always keeping the donor area's safety in mind.

What makes our female hair transplant Technique different to others

Not all Female hair transplant techniques are same.

Read about the difference between FUT, FUE, and Direct Follicle Insertion Technique

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

A Follicular Unit Transplant, also known as strip surgery, is considered more invasive than modern hair transplant procedures. In FUT technique, a strip of scalp is removed from the back of the head. The hair follicles are then meticulously divided into single units under a microscope. Subsequently, the scalp is stitched back together at the donor area, where the strip was removed so that the incision will not be seen. Because the extraction process is much faster, FUT is a more cost-effective female hair transplantation method than the traditional method. This process is majorly performed by nurses/ technicians. However, it leaves a tiny scar which can be hidden if you have long hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

It is also the traditional technique to restore female hair. In this technique, a micro punch is used to make a small circular incision in the skin and then they will remove follicles from it. Your surgeon will shave your hair in the area where follicles will be removed as well as around the hair transplant area.

Your surgeon will then make a series of tiny incisions with a needle or other small, sharp tool where the extracted follicles will be implanted. They’ll now insert the follicles into the incisions. Finally, your surgeon will clean that area and bandage the area for post operative recovery. In FUE the extraction process can be performed manually by a doctor. Thus, it is time consuming process.

Direct Follicle Insertion

Direct Follicle Insertion is the latest modern technique for the restoration of female hair. In this method recipient hole creation is not needed before inserting hair follicles in the treatment area. In Direct Follicle Insertion, there is guarantee for the highest precaution of safety, protocols, 100% natural results & best long lasting hair loss treatment for female without leaving any minor or major scars.

Doctor-led surgery: In Direct Follicle Insertion entire procedure is performed by the best hair transplant surgeon, not by nurses/technicians from consultation to transplantation and continued till follow-up.

Extraction: In this method surgeon extract grafts by using the Cole’s method by injecting Platelet-Rich-Fibrin in the donor area, leading to its partial rejuvenation. At Evolved Hair restoration we use special instruments and techniques to modify the size of the punch as per the hair follicle characteristics.

Preservation: From extraction to implantation, the follicles are kept in a growth solution at a specific temperature to receive the highest survival rates.

Implantation: Grafts are inserted in the transplanted area using specialized pen-shaped tool keeping in mind the perfect angle, depth, and direction for the life changing female hair transplant results.

Step-By-Step Journey For Female Hair Restoration

The Magic behind your Transformation



At Evolve Hair Restoration, we provide a proper 45- to 60-minute consultation to guide you and evaluate the need for a hair transplant by using the proprietary Comprehensive Diagnosis System of Alopecia (‘CDSA’). This interactive consultation is the first solution to restoring female hair and confidence.

Hair Transplant

Procedure Day

Direct Follicle Insertion surgery will take place in the comfort of Evolve Hair Restoration, and your hair transplant journey is guaranteed to be scarless and painless. Female hair transplant surgery will take place under local anesthesia. The complete procedure will take nearly 6-8 hours and is outpatient. In larger cases, we carry forward the procedure to the next day.

post transplant care


It is important to follow the post-operative procedure and the instructions communicated by your doctor to achieve the best result. You will see new hair growth within 6 months and a head full of hair within 12 months of surgery.

Is A Female Hair Transplant Safe? Is It Pain-free And Hair Transplant Results Guaranteed?

Evolved Clinics at Gurgaon, Delhi and Lucknow is delighted to join hands with one of the world’s most prolific hair transplant surgeons, Dr Ajay Dubey, who has dedicated his entire medical career of around 16 years to the field of hair transplants Dr Dubey is the only surgeon in India to be certified by the London Hair Restoration Academy for consecutive 11 years and the only Asian doctor to be invited twice to deliver his research at the prestigious Aesthetic Medicine World Congress. Dr. Dubey has completed over 2,500 hair transplants, many of which are top actors, sportsmen, politicians, beaureucrats, and industrialists. He is also an educator and has trained 30 doctors to become hair transplant surgeons from all over the world    Dr Ajay Dubey completed M.D. in Dermatology and Venerology from IMS-BHU (currently ranked 5th in India), had a brief period of residency of AIIMS (currently ranked 1st in India) and completed M.B.B.S. from KGMC (currently ranked 4th in India).

Dr Ajay Dubey

Global Medical Director and Master Hair Transplant Surgeon


Dr Dubey’s Appreciation Certificate from AMWC, Latin America

views on hair transplant video.png

Dr Dubey’s views on Hair Transplant on NDTV

Evolved hair india amwc-cover

Dr Dubey’s lecture at AMWC, Latin America

How much does a female Hair Transplant cost?

The cost of a hair transplant at Evolved Clinics in Gurgaon, India cannot be accurately determined over a phone call or online chat due to various crucial factors that influence the cost and the procedure's effectiveness. These factors include the type of hair transplant technique (Direct Follicle Insertion, FUE, FUT etc.), who performs the procedure, the amount of healthy hair available for hair transplant, the medical team's expertise and qualifications, hair and scalp diagnosis, quality of specialized instruments, graft storage and survivability solutions, and medical protocols. Apart from above, the cost is determined through a hair and scalp medical examination that measures the number of hairs needed for the procedure. This approach ensures that the hair transplant results are realistic and desirable. The cost can also vary depending on the extent of hair loss, and prioritizing specific areas of the scalp can make the procedure more affordable. In some cases, patients may choose to transplant only a part of the scalp, such as the hairline or the crown, if the donor area is compromised. Ultimately, the decision regarding the cost of a hair transplant is a personal one, and the value it holds for each individual varies. Many patients at Evolved Clinics find that a hair transplant is well worth the cost and often wish they had done it sooner. As a range, cost can vary between Rs. 90,000 to 500,000, excluding taxes.

Evolved hair india

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What can you expect in a Female hair transplant consultation?

  • tick Thorough analysis of Hair and Scalp by using the latest technology
  • tick Discover the hair loss issue from an Internationally trained Trichologist
  • tick Detailed assessment of medical history
  • tick Guidance on how to stop further hair loss immediately
  • tick Discover the right female hair restoration treatment to reclaim lost hair

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View all Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Still in doubt? Do not hesitate to call us! We will be happy to help you out.

What are the main causes of Female hair loss?

Approximately one-third of women suffer from hair loss (alopecia) at some time in their lives. Every woman eventually develops some degree of female-pattern hair loss. It can start any time after the onset of puberty, but women tend to notice it first around menopause when hair loss typically increases.

These conditions can cause hair loss in females:

  • Medical conditions like pregnancy, anemia, thyroid, and PCOS.
  • Poor sleep pattern, stress
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Alopecia areata
  • scalp infections

Is Female hair loss only genetic?

Female hair loss is higher for women with a history of hair loss on either side of the family. However, other factors also contribute to female hair loss.

How female can regrow their hair?

It is better to consult a trichologist if women want to regrow their hair naturally.

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Will I be asleep or awake for hair transplant surgery?

All female hair transplant surgeries at Evolved Hair Clinic are carried out under local anesthetics, so you are awake during the procedure. However, we provide a mild oral sedative to relieve anxiety and help you calm down.

What can I do during the procedure?

Some females prefer listening to music or sleeping to feel comfortable during the hair transplant procedure.

Who will perform my hair transplant surgery?

All female hair transplant surgeries at Evloved Hair Restoration Clinic are performed by an expert surgeon only.

How does a female hair transplant procedure work?

The hair transplant procedure involves taking healthy hair follicles from a part of the donor area and transplanting them to the bald areas that are affected by hair loss. These newly implanted hairs will last a lifetime.

How painful is female hair transplant surgery?

Evolved Hair Restoration's female hair transplant procedure is entirely safe and painless.

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How long till my hair starts to grow?

Hair will start growing hair from the beginning of the hair transplant session and develop into a full head of hair within 6 months. High-density hair coverage will be achieved in 8 – 12 months.

Does the female hair transplant procedure have any side effects?

Some minor side effects linked with hair transplants include bleeding, itching, swelling, and bruising, but with good post-operative care, these effects will not last more than a week.

What sort of aftercare is needed?

When you leave our clinic after the transplant procedure, we’ll provide you with everything you need to take care of your transplanted grafts for the first few weeks, including washing instructions and medication to manage any initial discomfort.

How long do I need to be admitted to the hospital?

The hair transplant procedure is a same-day procedure. Your doctor will ask you to wear a bandage over your scalp for atleast 2 days to avoid infection.

After how many days can the patient resume work?

After the hair transplantation procedure, most patients resume their daily routine within 2 to 5 days of the hair restoration. After 3 days, you can start gently washing your newly transplanted hair.

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